The lady.

Winds of change

Do you hear, the raging winds of change?
It eroded that proud sand dune,
Obliterated it's existence
It's pride flew away in the air 
Like the granules that formed it's flimsy foundation.
Do you see how the adamant ocean
chipped away the mountain's strong facade
and carved majestic arches?
Do you see how the bubbling river, 
gushing through the valley
cut insurmountable rocks
with her subtle determination and endearing grace?
The permanence of change prevails,
while unrelenting and proud elements
had to bow their heads in humility;
Or get obliterated by and by
by the feeble wind
that one day becomes a squall of
In which if you succeed, you prevail
and if you are vanquished 
you become a vestige of the past
That even ceases to remain in memories.