The lady.


A pall of gloom veils these eyes,
Blocking rays of gleaming sunrise.
She tears and fights the veil of gloom,
Viciously like a dance of doom
She poked a knife and ripped it apart,
The tattered strands billowed in the wind.
But the strands mingled and patched the tear,
Gloom again pervaded in the atmosphere.
Sun rays filtered through the veil,
But fear in her heart still prevailed.
The warmth of it was replaced by
Insipid rain pouring from the sky.

She learnt to live with the veil on her eyes
that filtered stars and gleaming sunrise,
But she also tried to break free
And recover her lost sanity.

She failed many a times,
The veil, impermeable and strong,
She did not stop,
It engulfed her, in an embrace too long.
Her trials and tribulations,
strengthened her heart,
She tried many a times to tear it apart.

One day a strong gale of luck,
Left her dizzy and awestruck
Because she could now see the stars
And reveal in the rays of the sun.
It had blown the veil away
and freed her of its weight.
She had torn it with her bare hands.
 shredded the last strands with her deft fingers 
Before the the strands of medusa could patch
She was free from it's deadly latch,
At last!

Free to feel the gleaming rays,
from the burning sun and sparkling stars.
She opened her arms to fly 
and embrace the air of liberty.
Surprised that she could fly,
 Realized that she had become stronger.
Than she ever was.
The veil now seemed like a boon
That had engulfed her in a cold womb.
It was a birthing ritual of struggle
that kindled her fire within
Lo behold! there is a new she,
That the old she admires,
who fights her demons
Fearlessly with no iota of mercy