The lady.


She asked me to spread water proof foundation
On her pretty face.
Her words were as pleasant as her eyes,
When she smiled her teeth were like pearls,
And her mellifluous voice,
Strengthened the compassionate
and uplifting adjectives
She would bestow upon us.
She helped people too,
The rich, the famous
And also the poor,
But had to relay 
The stories of her compassion
Among her friends.
She was raised to the altar of being
An epitome of grace and kindness.
One day in a ladies room,
She splashed water on her made up face.
Accidentally or by an act of providence.
I was dumbstruck to behold,
The ugly reality that was concealed
Within a lovely facade,
The words were conceited,
A way to adjust with society,
To garner goodwill,
Her heart was pit of darkness,
With no kind words for anyone.
As I listened patiently
To every condescending adjective
she bestowed upon her friends.
I realized this duality is reality.
She then dabbed the make up to perfection,
Put on the pretty facade
And proceeded to go into society,
Fluttering like an innocent butterfly.


Nice poetic take on duality
beautiful lines