The lady.


Fleeting wisps of time
Topple kings and fiefdoms,
Ancient civilizations perish 
While new heroes shine.
Frozen wounds are thawed
As the heat of new blood scour
The veins throb with new life
And heart beats with sinewy power.
Magnificence and majesty 
Beauty and grace
All eroded without a trace
As fleeting hands move on for eternity.


Brendan Dabhi said…
If even mountains are eroded, we are but Human...
Well said.
Jenevi said…
Yes, no one can escape time.
JD Haggard said…
Like the caterpillar. Things grow and develop and reach a point where growth becomes hard. In a caterpillar 1000's of cells kill them selves off after reaching its maximum growth through a process of apoptosis. The remaining imaginal cells then take the ruin that is left and build the butterfly. Untill it is eventually returned to the earth to begin again part of something else. Such is the process of all matter.
Bismita Sonowal said…
Time stooping to bestow the old souls into new eager bodies...
Jenevi said…
or give them a kiss of good bye