The lady.


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When gifts are showered, they are done so for a purpose. One does not intend to go to any length to shower a person with expensive gifts(scarves from Burberry? expensive? People who wear hermes will not polish their boots with it). The sole intention behind this sudden magnanimous decision which is supposed to be hard on one's pockets is to satiate one's desire to get an affirmative to enter her personal space. Gifts are never without a purpose. They are made when impromptu decisions are made to meet strangers halfway across the way to a supposed destination, when one burns midnight oil talking incessantly to the stranger as if one were latching on to the call of one's new found flame. Time stands still and everything is unimportant including that hideous creature whom one supposedly calls one's love but is extremely shy to display it proudly to the world that she has one's heart due to her hideous monstrosity. She is just a speck of dust that can be brushed off at any time when the times comes to meet strangers who promise to titillate one's senses in person. The promise of having a clandestine rendezvous with a promising stranger is so exciting that one dexterously plans one's move to bury it in as much soil as one can with the help of friends who are keepers of his secret crypt. Having conducted an eventful rendezvous at a time when the earth enters a new solar year with this promising stranger while keeping the hideous creature crying and longing for trivial things blown out of proportion and for that idea that she is not presentable to the world, one erases each pictorial memory from the modern man's electronic companion i.e. the phone. Excitement of a night when subsided everything was hunky dory and he went back to the hideous creature without any apology and not a sigh of regret. 


JD Haggard said…
Such a somber story. How could someones heart let them "conduct an eventful rendezvous" with a stranger and return to a companion with out regret or inner turmoil?