The lady.

The End? or the beginning of a bigger journey?

Is this the end, the natural culmination of a decade long preparation or is it the beginning of a bigger journey? As I left the hallowed portals of my alma mater I am left with some big questions and confusing answers. Well somethings are better ambiguous and my life is laced with ambiguity at least I think certain things are better ambiguous such as whether I am a grown up woman or a woman child or a baby woman? I do things as I wish and follow my whims with a child's arrogance to the extent of creating my own adult version of a cloth/blanket fort with un kept clothes and bedding strewn around. I am like a Thumbelina, I can be one among all the tall females around, sleeping in the coziness of the dirty, clean clothes in my room. My stint in United States until now is a childhood fantasy of house house coming true when I cook and clean and live in my house with my sister as an assistant and my mother calls me on the phone. I am literally living a childhood fantasy.
Until now I have learnt not to expect and to take everything by my stride and life will always be a house house. There exist people who define whoredom, boredom, cheapness and kindness respectively. It was very interesting to come across so many people with intriguing personalities each stemming from their colorful backgrounds and the circumstances they were in.
 OK, alright..basically now I am jobless so I am writing anything that crosses my mind. I am messy my room is, my mind is, my environment is and everything around is. The natural state of my mind is messy actually and I have to attend to a big big Laundry load!! Anyways since the past few months the natural state of my being is a perpetual state of being semi dressed in a green frock because I hardly lived in the apartment during the day and at night I just came to sleep sweaty and stinky from the sauna.
Things are hanging in mid air but I am sure everything will be alright.