The lady.

Chuck Norris of the Assam Valley.

Ever since YouTube clips of Mr Rajkumar Thakuria's Terrorist enter my house were uploaded, social media and the denizens who actually run the virtual institution got into a frenzy to promote it in their own respective light. Some people were taken aback by its lack of any sophistication, some were flabbergasted by the content which looked worse than a D grade movie. People laughed at Mr Rajkumar's prosperous paunch calling his artistic product a vile attempt. Not very surprisingly he is a one man army in this venture. From story, music, direction to acting Mr Rajkumar's effect and presence is ever pervading and undeniable. I also laughed in amusement and disgust at his unpleasant appearance which is not very conventional for a hero, a large paunch, cakes of white powder on his face and hair that would put any hair model to shame. I also shared his videos and mocked him in the world of social media. I gloated at the number of likes on my shares while poking fun at those videos due to their lack of sophistication and technical superiority. But soon the happiness waned by and by and I realised that Mr Rajkumar was exceptionally brave to be doing so and he moved forward inspite of so many hate comments on social media. Just like Kanti Shah's Gunda has been alleviated to a cult status by numerous engineering students across India similarly Mr Rajkumar's bravery has been endorsed by numerous young engineering students across Assam. I clearly salute his bravery and his enthusiasm. People like him represent the desire among common man to be popular, to be famous and to express their ideas. He is moving forward undeterred producing another movie which is not really sophisticated or different from his previous venture but the amount of time, energy and bravery he has put in his project is commendable. We used to make home videos with handycams that were very popular in late 90s and early 2000s. Although our sensibilities were a little different from his but we also took the numerous maids and orderlies who worked in our house and extras and sinister characters in our home movie.

We had our very own Nipon Goswami who was unfortunately given old Alok Nath like roles at an age when Amitabh was romancing girls half of his age. I still can remember his depressing character mouthing "Era, bidhatar likhon"(It is providence) in Ajoli Nabou. While in "Koka Deutar Nati aru Hati" he was the erudite patriarch, the quintessential Axomiya aristocrat holding a vestigial title of Moujadar given by the British. We had several lover boys in Axomiya cinema, glamour kittens, demure symbols of purity, "gundas" of the worst order but we lacked a CHUCK NORRIS in our pantheon. And Mr Rajkumar an independent amateur artist fills the vacuum perfectly. We need to nourish him and elevate him to the heights such bravery deserves.


No matter what he is great..atleast makes me laugh
No matter what he is great..atleast makes me laugh