The lady.


Squatting should come naturally to Indians and anyone from this subcontinent. After all that is our most favoured stance for attending nature's call. We love to squat.
During my idyllic childhood I played many pranks on people and especially guests who would perpetually occupy our guestroom for a fortnight. We had western style toilets in our bathrooms at home. My siblings and I wanted to scare the day light out of our cousin who was in the washroom minding his own business. We had water guns in our hands and my brother had a tin of powder on his hand. We stood up on a stool to peep at him from a window that opened into the balcony and also planned to sprinkle powder at him to turn him into a nightmarish white ghost in the washroom. We took our stances and counted down to 3. But to our biggest surprise we saw him squatting on the rim of the western style toilet and trying to mind his business. He was scared out of his wits hence losing balance in his squat position. He fell on the floor of the washroom, while we outside the window had different interjections articulated by our voice boxes such as "ki?"(What), "Ye raam babu dada e potty-r uporot bohi hagu korise!!!"(Oh my God! Babu dada squats on the toilet while attending nature's call) "Boooo!! Yaaay!". Babu yelled and my mother came running. She punished all of us in a row while giving me the maximum and the harshest punishment since I am the eldest hence always thought to be morally responsible for any plan hatched by us.
Coming back to 2013, Squatting is also favoured to lose the cushion of fat eclipsing your gluteus maximus. It engages your core and your hips. That much desired butt is achievable through various combinations of movements that mostly involve squatting and its variations.
I squatted 95 lbs and went up to 105. My friend did not shoot my 105 lb feat , just stopped short at 95 because he had to go do hang cleans and shrugs. I attempted lots of squats on the Smith Machine but this was my first independent squat without any help from the smith machine. 


JD Haggard said…
This is a cute story. Soon you will be doing pistol squats!
Jenevi said…
Hey! yes I am doing pistol squats. You were right. :)