The lady.

Random RANT

Vacations are so mundane, I fail to understand my need to have a straitjacket life, in order to enjoy every moment as it comes. I look at the watch ticking away non challantly, it's doing it's only work, whereas I have to attend to numerous tasks that if not heeded at this time will bear bad consequences later. Talk about procrastination and squandering time, one should worship me at the altar. If there were a pantheon of procrastinating gods perhaps I would have been of the stature of Zeus. Anyways, I am typing away vigorously on my laptop at this hour when I should have taken a few winks and tossed and turned on my bed snoring away to glory, because of singapore noodles. I don't want to recollect a long story about how singapore noodles make me one who goes to bed late. Lets just dwell upon the theme of this rant, and this is randomness. I don't care if it makes sense to people and I obviously shouldn't be screaming from virtual rooftops about what's going on in my head. But this social networking platform takes my loquacious nature to another level. Especially when one is distraught with emotions, thoughts, ideas that need to be loud hailed. And last but not the least my neighbours' cats are like housewives who are lazy and rich. I don't intend to offend this entire clan of doting people who dedicate their entire schedule in making a brick and mortar structure into a home and kindle fire in the hearths, it was just an observation and I drew parallels between cats staring out of the window and the typical rich, lazy (with lots of servants) housewife you get to see in Indian soaps. The ones that wear layers of make up at home and keep staring at the walls and ceilings. I am reiterating I DONT INTEND TO HURT ANYONE. I AM NOT JUDGEMENTAL. I will give my neighbours' cats the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.
I am missing my phone and I have learnt a lesson to look at the things inside my bag before swaying my hands with GAY abandon. I am not attracted to someone alike. I meant it in the archaic sense. 


Roop K Nath said…
true content lies in ranting it seems..but it was a interesting read..:)
Anonymous said…
thank you
JD Haggard said…
If you think that way about your neighbors cats, imagine not being from this world (that is what your name means right?) and coming here for a visit and watching people walk dogs up and down the street. Then watching them stop and clean up after them by hand with a plastic bag. Kings do not even have such great service.