The lady.


This feeling and high,
The thrill of life,
My head's rolling without the cannabis,
Neither caffeine nor nicotine to keep eyes wide open,
No barbiturates to make me sleep.
The joy's not from endorphins.
I am a polarity,
The thrill of life,
The thrill of ease and the uncertainty.
Disproportionate schedules,
Inappropriate brunches,
No breakfasts, no lunch, only dreams for dinner.
I live in my cocoon of luxury.
My room's my workshop,
Seems Devil's forever presiding and perched on the walls,
But it's not dirt, it's the mess and confusion.
All I see is the beguiling dance of my imagination.
I have tuned my mind to it's rhythmic beats.
I love the thrill, the bad thrill,
The consequences, come what may,
I am high on life.