The lady.

Joint Venture

Those Glimmering eyes,
Pierced by shards of shatterd hope;
Gaze into the oblivion of barren icy nothingness.

He's got a colorful vision,
A pair of kaleidoscopic eyes.
He sees happiness and reason,
In arduous gloomy skies.

He's greeted by birds and bountiful women,
From the harem of El Dorado;
But the sky looked so orange and surreal,
The earth was shaking below.

The world became disproportionate and ugly;
Clocks melted and bosoms disappeared;
He could see a suspended and laughing Dali.
I am great, mama's boy shouted;
Cause I am embarking on a Joint venture.


Leo said…
beautiful.. like the feeling of a goodbye.. liked it..