The lady.


I was an anti-establishment,
Relentless and resilient.
Breaking the shackles of societal norms,
I heeded no ear to the dictations of the moralists.

Belligerent to the guardians of the foundation,
Fiery selfish capitalist fiefdom,
I wanted to fight all.
wanted to massacre with my single breath,
Heave a sigh on their fall.

A soldier with a golden heart,
A man with a cause,
Let the evil die
I shall see them burn
until I fade I wont pause.

The children nurtured in food,
Drawn from breasts of moralists
Let them die too.
I stand for the innocence of the poor.
I shall slash them all.

Anti-establishment I was,
I look back at my bloody trail.
To my surprise of life,
I am now an establishment.


Shahid Mukadam said…
paradox it is, an anti establishment is an establishment of its own!!1...lovely
Jenevi said…
Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
Moon :) said…
really nice blog.. and nice writes.. liked it...hope to read more of it.

btw, do check out my blog sometime and comment. thanks