The lady.

Dont read it!

I coloured my heart red,
Scarlet of your love
I colored my eyes blue,
Seeded Dreams with stars and a shining moon.
Dreams of happiness, of eternal joy and sunshine.
 My pursuit of comfort and soft downy life.
I rumbled down the stream to say a bye to many loved ones.
 I found love. I long to keep it locked in my soul.
Its a moisty pearl locked in my oyster heart.
I am selfish cannot share this with you.
Go find your own love your own happiness.
I am still playing hide and seek with happiness.
The more I chase it, the more it seems to drift away nonchalantly
Sworn Enemy I am.
Friends say, "You don't need to be sad".
I agreed. I gave a nod, an affirmative. But Why?

Why does this sadness creeps into me like a sly cat called macavity that defies gravity. All this philosophical nonsense poisons my healthy bone marrow to death. The death,destruction, loss of love, complexity. I hate it. Cannot things be simple? Can't we peel off the pseudo-happiness drool away from our mouths and learn to grow a tress of happiness and satisfaction. I wish I had some gift from lady luck.
Everything is so relative, I am blabbering this foetus of philosophical post menstrual nonsense and somewhere someone's groaning out of the pain from Chemotherapy. Someone's foraging food in the bin outside our apartments while someone is trying to gasp for a drop of milk from its mother's gland's.