The lady.

Gory cries

Gory cries of the departed haunt me,
Echoing from the Carnival of death
The mortal being was shredded and splintered,
Lumps of sinew, is all I see.

A melange of blood and mass
Steel, fire, confusion and anger
The evil sceptre was yielded
Lump of sinew is all I see

Incinerated into dust,
Charred by the morbid fire.
The unholy smoke of blood and ashes.
Pierce the once blue sky.
Vegetables not green anymore,
Books are laced by the scarlet of our heart.

Dying clock were the wounded souls
Ticking their way to oblivion.
Spams of breath echo
Mingled with cries of confusion.
Tired and weary eyes, all I can see.
Scarlet streets is all I see.

Cries of pangs and agony reverberate
In the shabby alleys of the town.
The red river is redder,
Coloured by death's festival.
A carnival of blood and death.
A raped and charred sky, is all I see.

Evil saunters the streets,
Veils the sky of the night.
With the sleight of a madwoman
A naked dance it does,
the dance of the primordial cannibals.
The tears of the innocent, is all I see.