The lady.


..There she was, drifting back to the seats at gate D17 with small steps. She had an irritated look on her face. I was eager to know what conversation she had on the phone. Did the person on the other end rebuke her? Call her careless? I think it is the bad weather to be blamed for such a troublesome situation she was in. I wondered if there is a God of snow in the Hindu Pantheon. I found none. She looked rather tired and weary. She wandered aimlessly near the gate. I saw her removing her cap and saw the forehead beaded in sweat. Her eyes said that she needed some shoulder to rest on rather a cosy bed to crash for that day. She passed by my side and then I looked at those little toddlers watching sponge bob square pants on their tiny portable screen. I was generally rolling my sights everywhere. In front of me sat a girl probably from the some university in Florida. I think she belonged to a Hellenic council for she carried a bag which had the name of her sorority. Ah! it feels nice to be in a sorority. I had never tried getting into one. I think I might try it in the next fall. Oh! there she was, right in front of me. I was too engrossed in looking at the shade of pink in the trashy magazine she was reading(lose 45 pounds, so and so celebrity's secret diet!!). The troubled girl perched on the seat in front of me. I was eager to strike a conversation with her. Little did I know that she would also turn out to be an Indian and that too from Guwahati."Ahem! Don't you think the weathers acting nasty with us?", I said. I thought I had thrown out the most amazing initiating sentences. Sometimes I double check what I say for later on I think I was stupid to ask such a question which was too lame and obvious. Well now it didnot matter. I wanted to get to the root of the troubles worrying the face in front of me...(to be continued)