The lady.

A rendezvous with Jimly(victim of bad weather)

Jimly is like any other young people on the face of this earth. Madly in love, starry eyed, energetic, enthusiastic and sometimes impatient. She gets a thrill in disturbing people when they require the utmost serenity.
Me- Jenevi as I am known among my readership.
I came across this girl while on my way to Pittsburgh from Cleaveland. She seemed to have familiar facial features like mine.(I had thought her to be a filipiono). A small world it is and she turned out to be an Indian and a Assamese and the topping on the cake was she was born and brought up in Guwahati. She was well versed in all the infamous urban legends of that place and above all she missed the spirit of the place. Somewhat similar to my condition but I am not an avid fan of the loathsome air at Guwahati for it gives me a good allergy. We got along well and shared whatever we could in that small amount of time we met.
I was sitting on one of the seats at gate D17 at the terminal of the Cleaveland airport. USA was blessed with a bad weather that day. Flights were either delayed or sometimes passangers were miserably stranded due to flight cancellations. The airport looked cosier than the O' Hare International Airpot at Chicago. The floor was in contrast to the ones at Chicago. It was carpeted and the stores looked smaller and friendlier. Moreover, the Yuletide spirit ran everywhere that day. You could see frenzied people all around waiting to go back to their home for the vacations. The shops displayed socks and mistletoe hangings. There was a cardboard Santa cut out outside a shop which sold magazines and at a mexican eatery near by you could see people sipping beer rather noisily,laughing and enjoying the warmth of this cold season. The television in the Mexican grill was in full volume and a few sturdy old people seemed to pay attention to the football game being aired. I was sipping my caramel coffee from the starbucks at the airport.I was supposed to fly with continental airlines to Pittsburgh...
(to be continued)