The lady.

continued. A rendezvous with jimly

...The carpets were beaten mercilessly by the feet of many eager travellers. Ironically they smiled with even more bright colours in the humdrum of their existence. I was generally thinking of poor carpet's condition when I sighted a rather funny sight. I saw a girl running like a freaking bull enraged by a red cloth. She dashed across the merry corridors of the airport and pulled her brakes on reaching gate no D17. She had no where to go also. I am saying this for if she had not pulled her brakes at D 17 she would have either broken into the glass exterior of the airport or make an about turn to other terminal opposite to D17( but I feel it would have been really risky, if it were the other gate she could have come running from the other side). There might have been some disappointing news broken to the girl at the counter. I could see her upset and troubled face. I noticed that she fetched out her black phone from the pocket of he large down coat with fur on her hood and started punching the keypad on it. I am not a peeping tom! I do not eavesdrop also but out of all the boredom with had occupied my mind I found a good prey in that girl. I tried to listen attentively to whatever she was speaking on the phone. Alas! due to her seemingly restlessness she drifted away from the place where I was seated. I waited patiently to see her come back and make notes on what she was thinking and what made her look so troublesome.
She was about 5 feet, fair like most Asians, Wavy hair, a sea green down coat and black gloves. She had worn a grey cap which hid most of her hair but I could see the feeling of helplessness and anxiety on her face. She carried a red bag and I am sure she must have carried some basic toiletries along with a few gum packets. I perked up my pseudo antenna on my head which was relaying me signals of her presence near me. I do not have homosexual tendencies but of all the boredom that had possessed me she seemed to be the antidote for it. She drifted away even more as she went to the opposite side of the gate and was perhaps speaking on the phone. I wondered who was at the other end? Mother, friend, boyfriend? well many possibilities. Now my eyes caught the familiar sight of sponge bob square pants with his antiques. He irritates me. I do not know why. Two little toddlers lying on the floor on their chest were enjoying his histrionics on their portable tiny electronic device.(I have no idea what is the name)and I was wishing that I get to know more about the girl. My eyes looked for her in a frenzied way. I could have lifted my lazy behind(gluteus maximus) and could have started looking for the girl but I felt it to be embarrassing. I thought it be a frivolous action to look for a girl! I would rather stretch my neck and move my head around to get a glimpse of her. If I follwed her on the pretext of inhaling fresh air and exercising my sleepy leg musclesher she would have thought me to be some stupid or crooked onlooker. I could have tap danced or stretched my limbs to get rid of pins and needles. All these moves look perfect in movies. I had the fear of being branded as a "Gynaeophile" airport stalker. "What if this happened what if that happened? You are sued for false imprisonment and this and that tort. Jenevi YOU Have been SUED!!!" Americans usually mind their own business. I thought of not maligning my good faith nature and my good name and my cute face. I did not want to invite trouble but my mind said, "Where is she?"
...(to be continued)