The lady.


Imagination comes easily to me. I can create a land of Oz in no time.Imagination coupled with PMS turns out to be a nice concoction. I had imagined the head of our institute to be an egg on a egg stand because he has a big paunch and extremely thin limbs. It was reminiscent of the quaint and innocent hard boiled egg on an egg stand. I thought he resembled a walking and talking one. If we take into PMS and the hard "sausce days", I am reminded of the numerous discussions with my room- mate about how it is not fair in giving all the pains to the womenfolk while no other gender(oops! there's only one other than being a woman) which has to go through the pangs of a sausce day. Banterings, they were,but they nevertheless had a lot of substance and finally my imagination had to stir its wand. We had vivid imaginations of how it would be really nice to see a prosperous pregnant belly in the caretaker of the hostel(names not revealed for security resons lol). How it would be really nice to see the head of the notorious gang in the throes of labour pain. Where would his trademark mannerisms go? All we shall hear at that time would be a sweaty face and persistant breathing- huff puff!! oo ouch! and the sympathetic faces of his friends. "Harder, harder,push harder!Mr.%^&@# push hard!! a bit more!" That heated and anxious situation will be a testimony to the disappearance of his ruffian manners.If it were so that the ruffians had a sausce day. Hey no fights in the college today please because MR so and so is down! He has abdominal cramps.We had a nice laugh at the hypothetical situations cooked up by our minds. It did help us to get rid of the numbness of the limbs and the junky feeling in the abdomen. I think pain does fuel imagination.


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Alla hu akhbar!!!
Your blog is very creative, when people read this it widens our imaginations.