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Daffodils- an analysis

Daffodils the first blue of the English spring, the rejunvination of hope and ressurection from snowy winter- fills the English soil with its golden glisten. The poem inspired by and account in his sister's journal presents Wordsworth in one of his joyous moods as he sauntered along a lakeside enrapt in his thoughts and scaled the landscape all oblivious of nature's innate beauty. He was jotted from his reverie by a vast stretch of dancing daffodils. The solitude of the cloud to which he had likened himself no longer remains sublime; he is enthralled by the vast stretch of the wild bloom that appear as twinkling stars on a milky way in the brilliance of the sun. The yellow resplendence is personified as they sway in the gentle breeze and respond to the effulgent sun by tossing their heads or showing phototrophic tendencies. Spring has rubbed its ardour on the waves that gleam in the sun but the beauty of the daffodils far outdoes the sensuous beauty of the waves. The poet is enamoured by the exotic display of nature's mood and wonders how anybody couldnot be austered to ebulence in such a jocund company. The poet had little thought that this association would leave a long lasting impression on him; that the golden azure would always be a source of reprive in his ashen moments; that it would always remind him that solitude could be bliss as it allows one to connect with the innerself that it is not pain or melancholy but pure moment of aesthetic joy. Daffodils presents a startling contrast to Wordsworth's other poem The Solitary Reaper wherein he laments the solitary existence of the reaper. Daffodils is a talking memento of Wordsworth's varigated genius and diverse talent in the literary galaxy.


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