The lady.

Birubari, hidden pearls in Guwhati

The wishing tree and a city that spreads below has millions of wishes and aspirations breeding in the tiny coves. This tree is perched high up on the top of one of the hills in Birubari. Birubari as such is infamous and has a fame steeped in notoriety. But what we have failed to see is the rich past and the picturesque beauty of the place. Having born and lived in the locality for the past summers and winters of my life, I find a striking resemblence of birubari and the sweet yet enriching tales of lives Malgudi Days by Rasipuram Krishnaswamy. Birubari,you are an oxymoron. You shall find scandals, notoriety of the highest degree, talent, beauty, history....and the list never ends. There is a second world war jail in the locality but has been converted into a makeshift Dhaba. A bowl of hidden beauty maligned by the savage hands of the ones dwelling in. I think we never learnt to appreciate her. A dying u birubari.


Nikita said…
hey...could u tell where presently is d world war jail..??//
Anonymous said…
The world war jail is in Birubari is a mkaeshift Dhaba..the cholera hospital was also used during the World War II...u might not be able to recognise the jail right now..its a sturdy beam less four walled its a makeshift dhaba