The lady.

chicken Rhapsody!!

chicken rhapsody indeed!! all the speculation about avian flu spreading like a wild fire has subdued and all the speculation of having the next succulent piece of chicken has aroused in people all around. It was a Rhapsody......yay!!! Initially it was we, who were eating the fowls and now the fowls were on their eating spree.............hmmm chicken Rhapsody indeed!!!! but I wonder what bird flu is..leaving apart all the scientific theories behind , has one ever realised if the birds really sneezed like we do when we are down with flu. Do they have a runny nose like we do? Do they need to get droplets of Otrivin to unclog their nasal passage??? I wonder if they really said ACHOOOO!! excuse me!!!! I am sorry!! hey butcher!! I have got gooey substance on my wings!! kindly clean it please!!! and Mr Butcher goes!! YIKES BIRD FLU...CHIDIYO KO SARDI ho gayi!!! I shall not comment without further investigation on the topic of bird flu..till then pEACE! But yes,it was Rhapsody and we EAT HAPILY EVERAFTER!!!


Kristen said…
Thanks for writing this.