The lady.


I argued with someone for around 3 hours....heheh!! I am not a gem of the court of Akbar...nor someone with a stupendous intellect to be reckoned with..I just notice things learn from my mistakes and like any other normal human commit mistakes and rectify them later on in life. Well, if one is speculating if this argument between me and the other female was a war of words and nails!!! NO!! It wasn't a cat fight which looked as if we were fighting over a guy we both lusted after!!! It wasn't a fight which looked as if Zena and LARA CROFT were exchanging their pleasantries(grrrr!!!). It was more of an eye opener. It widened my horizons and I feel at times I tend to be ignorant of what people would think of what I speak.I hardly give a damn. Today I realised that many people take me in high regard and every word I speak is like an arrow,infact a lethal one which tends to hurt one so much. I am so glad that I am appreciated at that level!


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