The lady.

Hedes beckons me!

Hedes beckons me. If this feeling is to be true then my days are counted and I have very less time in my hand to prove myself.....everyday will become an unending duel with life to let me prove my mettle. If I were to die 4 years years hence in an alien land surrounded by unkown unfriendly people and if that is the almight's wish so be it but only if I have completed all the tasks entrusted to me at my birth. No one is born without any reason. Every individual has a task to be completed and I opine that only when this task has been completed one has the liberty to leave this mortal world. Now I have a dearth of idea and plans to reach my goal, my destination for I know hedes beckons me and the very thought drives me to a frenzy! I am not intimidated by the ICY stare of hedes but I get frenzied because of the fact that I fiddle away time and at this juncture I realize 4 years is not a very long time and I have an entire ocean to forage for my destination. God help me!
I never flirted with him but if he is in love with me I am sure it is his good luck.