The lady.

Riding on the top of a BOX

Hey readers! let me introduce you to this street, it is quite familiar to the Gurgaonites but must be alien to others. Well, there is nothing so special about this street except that the malls are aituated on both the sides of it. They have some of the coolest(air-conditioned) hang-out places. So you might be confused as to why I am showing you this picture. I am displaying this picture which has been taken from the top of a mini bus( rather a box on wheels, a pathetic one). I finally got a hair cut from a "Professional Hair studio" in Metroploitan mall and therefore I was going back to my "cove". My "bahu" mahi accompanied me to the "snip-snip" ceremony. I swear by God and even by Satan I really looked good but after the windy bus ride on top of a bus I was robbed of some of the professional touch. :( . We availed a bus in front of the mall but unfortunately the bus was packed with so many people they seemed to me as if they were sardines and tuna packed together with sweat acting as the brine. So Mahi and I decided to climb on to the top of the bus. The coductor was shocked and asked us several times if we were not joking. Finally after convincing him about our plan we climbed onto the roof. There were claps and whistles from among the crowd at the bus-stand. I was least bothered about all these things when I was climbing because the bus driver always tended to move oblivious of the fact that we were infact climbing his "box on wheels". Finally the ride started and we enjoyed every bit of it.