The lady.

Today has been one of the most satisfying days ever since i got my dismal results in the majors of the spring term. Today I let the rain drench me and cool my soul, I played uninhibitedly with the garden hose of the hostel; I played and fiddled with the chair at the laboratory; the test got cancelled and above all I was satisfied with my outputs at my workplace(classroom of course). In a nutshell today was exceptionally pleasant in all maners except for the sweltering heat. I dont care anymore!!! But the day ended abruptly with such a saddeing news about someones death. The day was indeed a PARADOX. HUh!! I have always been at a loss of words when I find someone very familiar taken away by the jaws of death. I am still not being able to believe that my beloved MAMA is no more. It always seems that he has gone on a long vacation and shall return back with loads of gifts and that big smile on the face. Kalyan jethu, khirod jethu have also trodded the same path; everything is so unbelieveable. In school it was Seujivan and Atish ( a kiddo, we travelled in the same school bus.) I know that death is inevitable but why so suddenly and so soon. At the end of the day I have to contemplate if i have had an excess of happiness because when I have it in excess I always get a disheartening news. May all their souls rest in peace.