The lady.

Hmm...Today I am in a mood of writing extensively, practically about everything, I have got in my mind. It might be because I had not written for a long time and some people had infact thought that my beloved OPEN BOOK is a thing of the past. Actually its time which was mismanaged. In the previous semester love was in the air..OOOlala!!! muah muah!!! and I am back to the earth once again realising that it might not be my CUP OF ICED TEA. Right now I am reclining on my chair and am thinking of my home state. Are we going to be a a minority in our own land in the future? What shall happen to the RED RIVER? What shall happen to the brethren who have taken to arms. These questions intruige me. Well!! I have been looking at the MTV MY ICON advertisements on the television and the patriotic fervour and zeal the RANG DE BASANTI clips on the idiot box display with gay abandon. Honestly speaking, my parents have been through this phase. I can still feel the zeal and blood in the veins of the students of the Assam Agitation. There was the same situation as shown in Rang de basanti. But look at the state scores of years later? Nothing much. The infiltration is unabated, industry is lagging behind and above all the academic atmosphere has been severely disturbed. The romantics took to arms to save the land but now they are at a juncture where neither are they being able to do something for the upliftment of the state nor are they gaining support of the people.
I dont blame the Romantics of that period. Who doesnot want to save one's land from outsiders? but the entire situation could not withstand the wrath of time. Ideologies have gathered dust, the romantics who were "bhaitis" turned into "dadas" and have finally turned into "mamas" and finally money has lured everyone into its enchanting grot.
The only answer to this dismal situation is ECONOMIC POWER. The community which shall have the economic power shall be at the HELM OF AFFAIRS of the state. People should have realised this before. Finally, nothing can replace relentless and focussed hard work. Someone has rightly said that the young generation is like a spark of lightning which when ultilised can light up the entire world but if used abruptly with no prior planning, has the capacity to destroy everything.