The lady.


Hmm so I was thinking about the funny names I have christened some people with.
1. DOUBLE BUTTOCKS- It was meant for some teacher. Mind It!! I DIDNOT INVENT THIS NAME. NEHA did.
2.TRIPLE BUTTOCKS-This name is a variation of the first name. This is a secret as to whom I have given the priviledge of being called by this name.
PS- the person is not from school.

3. TIKIRA- My present mates shall know it very obviously as to whom I call tikira.
4. KYKY- KIKI, the pronunciation is similar to the sound make by a HOLLOCK GIBBON(if you have not heard one you can try a trip to guwahati bonatical and zoological gardens or to NAMERI OR NAMDAPHA(WILDLIFE HOTSPOTS).) So the lucky person is my classmate!! humm !! I am not spilling the beans here as well.
5. ROCKY- AHA! Here comes my favourite. He is our perpetually delightfuland overtly enthusiastic(...).I won't say who he is again. Except for the rendering of the montly calander in the most hilarious way heis one of the perfect(....I won't say) I have ever come across. He is very fond of folders and it seems he sells them at the end of the day.
6. DYDY- This one is also a highly volatile case so won spill the beans. just enjoy the creations.
7. JBS- JB'S is a restaurant in guwahati and JB'S also happens to be the abbreviated name of J.Borah sir by me. So going to his tuition was like going to JB'S everyday....heheh!!
8. SAAGOLI- Assamese version of bakra! I didnot invent it but it already existed when I came to the college.
9. ASS-mriti- Sorry If I have hurt you. I have contorted my dear friend's name from smriti to Ass-mriti..just for fun and nothing else. No bad feelings intended here.
10. PORKY- Obviously for all the porkies in the college who think themselves to be heroes. LOLZZ!! not for you mate!! You can make out a porky from among the crowd that's not a big be continued..........