The lady.

Adense Adsense.......and all the nonsense....PHEW!!!

I caught my favourite nap in the afternoon today and to my utter dismay it was more of a advertisement than a proper dreamless sleep.The adsense Phenomenon has taken a toll on my "tiny" head. Out of all the things in the world my mind has been lured to the enchanting land of money.I desperately need those "paper pieces" to get a "Professional haircut"from a posh salon where the receptionist has a wierd Hairdo!!!
After the first wink of sleep all I could sense in my sleep was a series of colourful slides against a black backdrop, some blonde models guided by a salesman, suited and booted to the hilt, poking my head to force me in buying their advertisements. I think gone are the days when my dreams were full of conventional pleasant themes and conventinal nightmares but now adsense has crept into my domain of virtual existence, where I had full freedom to visit places where I had never been to but I had never dreamt of being poked in a white room with no doors or windows by horrible buck toothed and cockeyed yet suited and booted salesman and emaculately dressed saleswomen.